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Consulting Specialists in

Medicine | Pediatrics | OB-GYNE | Surgery

Doctor taking blood pressure of older pa
Emergency & Out-patient Services

Diagnosis and care for patients that do not require confinement.

Emergency minor surgeries, and women with obstetrical or gynecological problems, among others.

Surgical Services

Life-saving and quality of life-restorative treatments by experienced surgeons from all fields of medicine.

Maternity Services

High quality maternity care for women and their families during pregnancy, labor, and after birth.

Specialized Clinical Services
General ICU

Thorough care and close monitoring for critically ill patients.

Pediatrician Examining Infant

Equipped to administer treatment for the most fragile and compromised newborns of all gestational ages, including those with a variety of congenital conditions.

Ancillary Services
Tertiary Laboratory
  • Modern laboratory with fully automated diagnostic equipment

  • Supervised  and interpreted by some of the best pathologists, medical specialists, and laboratory professionals.

  • Laboratory tests are performed by fully-trained, highly-skilled, and experienced medical technologists.

Blood Bank  |  3rd Level X-Ray  |  Pharmacy
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